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Almost all the foreigners prefer the Egyptian cotton for its high quality, whiteness,

softness and good price. In the past, cotton was exported as a raw material to be

manufactured abroad and then re-imported in higher prices. After the industrial

revolution in Egypt, new textile factories have been established for producing

magnificent clothes, sheets, and other products from the Egyptian cotton and export it.

There are many cities known for their huge textile factories in Egypt such as El Mahalla

El Kobra, 6th of October, and 10th of Ramadan and others.

On top the beautiful Egyptian cotton products come the towels with its attractive designs,

sizes and colors and the thread counts, the bedspreads with nice designs and high quality.

There are also other products such as blankets with various sizes, colors and weights with

variable prices.

Sweet Dreams shop offering all kind of Egyptian cotton products for you, just come to

visit our shop with high quality of service and products.


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