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Genena City / Entertainment


«Genena City» offers to spend together and actually there is much to do at Genena City. Special pride of  the owners of the project is the new show «Pianola», which appears everynigh from 8 30pm   to 10 30pm on stage «Broadway». The show has the same name of an ancient musical instrument pianola. The story that, through dance tell from the scene at the same time more than 20 dancers -is the story of a young man who in search of his girlfriend came to the pianist, who took him by the hand, showed 20 girls and asked him to choose one of them. Selecting his girlfriend, they begin to dance, and then looking inside pianola, begin to watch themselves various dances – the show cowboys, Indian show, Brazilian dance, Egyptian show, magic show, Russian dance, ballet performance, rock -n ‘Roll dance Broadway show. Exciting and fascinating stage show with a panoramic view of the entire promenade of Naama Bay.

Every night On Genena City Stage

~From 9 PM till 11 PM on Panorama Stage~

~From 11 PM till 1 AM on Broadway Stage~